WA ?

« Vacuum is all potent
because all containing. »

Kakuzô Okakura, The Book of Tea

The aim of WA Design Gallery is to underline the true connection between masterpieces of Japanese and French designers. Beyond time and borders, traditional Japanese arts and Occidental Modernism share the same purity culture.

This one is based on a harmony search, a perfect balance (« wa » in Japanese) :  unnecessary ornamentations are out and simple forms are in to enhance the materials inherent qualities, even in their imperfections. It glorifies endless emptiness wealth, virtually full of all possible interpretations.

WA creates a bridge between the Orient and the Occident and WA aims at showing a design approach based on oxymoron. WA celebrate beauty of asymmetry and essentiality of details, beyond dichotomies between useful and aesthetic, between craft and art, between ancestral know-how and innovation, between refinement and rusticity, giving to each creation a subtle harmony, a little extra soul.

Purely and simply •