Isamu NoguchiAkari model “33X” on “T” base

Original shade in washi & bamboo rims
Structure in black lacquered metal & plate base in cast iron and black lacquered metal stem
Hand-made form realized by Ozeki Company, Gifu, Japan
Series started in 1951
Height: 26 1/2 in. / Width: 13 in.

Model with the iconic red logo, the Sun and the Moon with artist’s signature “I. Noguchi”


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ABOUT Isamu Noguchi

Portrait of Isamu Noguchi by Louise Dahl-Wolfe, 1955



Isamu Noguchi is an American artist of Japanese descent. He is mostly qualified as a sculptor but he also worked in the design, gardens, and scenography fields: multi-faced, artistically and personally, he represents, in his own words, “the fusion of two worlds, East and West [and hopes to reflect] more than both.”