Isamu NoguchiAkari model “25N X Kris Van Assche”

Original shade in washi, bamboo rims & flowers prints
Structure in black lacquered metal
Hand-made form realized by Ozeki Company (Gifu, Japan) & Kris Van Assche’s , formerly at the head of Dior Homme
1951 / 2017
Height: 46 in. / Diameter: 32 1/2 in.

Laffanour Galerie Downtown invited Kris Van Assche to create a dozen unique pieces on very early Akari models (Akari “25N” for the present piece), for the “Black Carpet” collection launch

Early model with the iconic red logo, the Sun and the Moon


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ABOUT Isamu Noguchi

Portrait of Isamu Noguchi by Louise Dahl-Wolfe, 1955



Isamu Noguchi is an American artist of Japanese descent. He is mostly qualified as a sculptor but he also worked in the design, gardens, and scenography fields: multi-faced, artistically and personally, he represents, in his own words, “the fusion of two worlds, East and West [and hopes to reflect] more than both.”