André BlocRare freeform “Boomerang” desk, villa « Bellevue »

Oak and oak-veneered plywood
Circa 1951
The present model designed for the “Bellevue” Villa (Meudon, France), André Bloc’s private home & his sculptor workshop (1949-1952)
Height: 27 15/16 in. / Length: 90 9/16 in. / Width: 66 15/16 in. / Depth: 30 11/16 in.


ABOUT André Bloc

Portrait of André Bloc



André Bloc is a French architect, sculptor and interior designer. He is a powerful figure in the publishing world and the co-founder of the famous Espace group. He is one of the figurehead in the French artistic landscape, creating a dialogue between art and architecture with permanent social and human concerns.