Akira Okada

Born in 1972, 


Akira Okada (岡田昌) is a contemporary bamboo weaver. He is considered as a great Japanese artist. He shapes bamboo with subtlety and strength, following the precepts of his mentor, Jin Morigami (born in 1955).

Bamboo weaving, the second choice

Born in Chiba, on the island of Honshu (Japan) in 1972, Akira Okada was not originally destined for basketry. Indeed, he first turned to engineering: graduated from his hometown university in 1995, he then worked in precision equipment field for industry. It’s only in 2012 Akira Okada turned to an artistic practice when he discovered the Oita Prefectural Bamboo Technical Training Center. He quitted his job to throw himself body and soul into this new career. In fact, he showed brilliant abilities in his practice. So he was obviously chosen to be one of the five students selected to pursue bamboo arts courses at the Advanced Institute of Industrial Arts and Technology in Beppu. He completed his training with one of the greatest masters of Japanese bamboo weaving, Jin Morigami, for two years : he perfects his skills and learn how to break free from tradition. 

The passion of bamboo

Akira Okada has become famous quickly: he participates in prestigious exhibitions and wins numerous awards, including the Emerging Artists Award at the 19th All Japan Bamboo fair.
Akira Okada’s creations are characterized by great precision and poetic delicacy: thanks to his first training as an engineer and his rich initiatory path, he combines a great technical skills with a deep knowledge of his material.

Akira Okada’s art is both delicate and noble: it’s the result of a precise gesture and a mastered know-how. An airy delicateness vibes comes out of his bamboo basketries.