Kenzo TangeSet of six chairs, “Sumi Memorial Hall”

Plywood, fabric and aluminium
Manufactured by Tendo Mokko, Japan
Each with editor’s label under the seat with Japanese kanjis
Model designed and produced in 1957 for the Sumi Memorial Hall in Aichi (Japan)
Height: 30 3/4 in. / Length: 22 in. / Width: 21 1/4 cm


ABOUT Kenzo Tange

Portrait of Kenzo Tange in his office at Sogestsu Gaikan in Tokyo, circa 1980



Kenzo Tange (丹下健三) is a Japanese architect, designer and urban planner. He is known as a pioneering post-war figures of the Modern Movement in Japan, recognized internationally. His buildings and projects, especially in Hiroshima and Tokyo, can be considered as icons since their creation.