Charlotte PerriandA set of 8 chairs model n. 19

Oak and straw
Manufactured by « L’Équipement de la Maison » (Grenoble, France) or Bureau de Coordination du Bâtiment (Paris, France)
Model designed in 1939 and produced circa 1946-1968
Height: 32 1/4 in. / Length: 16 15/16 in. / Width: 15 3/4 in.


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Charlotte Perriand is a French architecture and designer. While men of her entourage have tried - and finally failed, but recently - to put her aside, she is one of the figurehead of Modernity in the 20th century. Her commitment can be summed up by her own words:  “the important thing is not the object, but the human being”. From her free-form tables to her “Nuage” libraries, her creations are all organic and functional.